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This site is designed to provide a World Skate atlas. Actually, we create the environment for posting details and photos of your local skatepark - its up to you to add the data - via the interactive form. New skateparks are being continuously added as they are submitted from riders around the world.

Have a look at those areas which are already beginning to be detailed - and you'll see the great potential. Now when you read about diving at skatepark X in distant country Y, you'll be able to look it up and see how it really is. Not only are there data-sheets for each skatepark, but also messages and a full interactive forum.

Not all zones are active yet - we will bring areas on-line as data are submitted by riders. In the Add a skatepark form vastly more 'Zones' are active than in the Atlas - submit skatepark for these zones anyway, they will be included when the Zone is put on-line. If you can't find a zone corresponding to your area - tell us about it by mail or via the Add-a-Spot form.

Wanna-know-more? Read the FAQs and other help documents, or just have a look at some of the active Zones.



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